Have you noticed many Russian accounts checking out your stories ? Sorry, but Russians are not particularly fond of you. It's just fake influencers looking for new ways to boost their account. As 2020 nears, focus on the situation on the huge industry of "influencer fakery".

Celebrities "lookalikes"

Fake account Celebrity account

This one has been around forever. Fake accounts are created mimicking those of famous influencers. Taking advantage of their notoriety, they gain the trust of their followers to then scam them. A very easy technique, which explains how often it's been used, but also quite noticeable. If you follow a celebrity, the odds are that one of them will automatically follow you, hoping at some point you'll get confused between the two.

The good old fake followers

This is a very tempting way to artifically boost one's audience. Luckily, brands are starting to go beyond the number of followers.

Still, between 25 to 40% of influencers have engaged at some point in the purchase of fake followers ! An incredible stat that might be explained by just how easy it is to find such services. From as low as $10 you can actually buy 1000 followers !

Of course it is a very bad idea, as tools like Favikon can detect such behavior, and as it considerably lowers the quality of the account.

The always happy comments

Some influencers think they just have to buy fake likes and fake comments to fake their engagement rate. Again, a very bad idea as it is is very easy to detect this. Some accounts have literally only emotes in their comments, that's just ridiculous !

The latest trend: the story fakery !

As stories are increasingly popular, bots have invaded them as well ! It is now possible to buy story views, but also to add votes to surveys !  In order to take advantage of the new "answer/reply" story tool, which influencers love, a lot of wannabe influencers are starting to use these tools.

Have you seen weird Russian accounts checking your stories ? Well, it's because this technique is incredibly popular in Russia. It's called mass looking and it triggers you to go follow their account.

Any account you've never heard of replying to your survey ? Bots can now do pre-made answers to influencers questions. Of course, most of the time the answer is utterly irrelevant and comical.

As bots are increasingly creative and always looking for new methods, a tool like Favikon is more useful than ever to check the real quality of the influencer you've identified for your marketing strategy !