They are still children, and yet they are already famous on social networks. Meet 12 child influencers from all over the world. A fascinating glimpse on lives 100% controlled by parents.

#1 Maddox / @iammaddoxjax  - United Kingdom🇬🇧- 53,1K followers

Maddox is not your regular boy, he's already followed by more than 50K people ! More than his own mother, an influencer herself !

#2 Taytum and Oakley / @taytunmandoakley - United States🇺🇸- 3,2M followers

Taytum and Oakley are two 3-year-old twin girls, the daugthers of the famous actress Madison Fisher. Like real models, they already love to strike a pose !

#3 Coco / @coco_pinkprincess - Japan 🇯🇵 - 690,9K followers

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love your smile wherever you are🕊

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Coco is a young japanese girl who stands out from the crowd with her original and out-of-the-ordinary look.

#4 Quenisha Qiana /  @quenisha.qiana - Netherlands🇳🇱- 369,4K followers

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1 or 2 ? 💃🏻💃🏻

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Quenisha is a young girl with a diverse background (Thailand, Switzerland and the West Indies). She's getting famous as 50 Cent himself has been sharing stories about her on his social networks !

#5 Dan / @h__kmd - Japan🇯🇵- 955 followers

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. . . 𖠋𖠋𖠋𖠋 @niena.nd #にーなずきん . . めちゃくちゃ可愛いずきんを我が家にもお迎えしました𓍯 Niena zukinプレゼント企画で当選してた、(あの☝︎)いちくん( @ichi.m.k )postみて惚れぼれフォローして。。 いちくんとコラボしたくてご無理いってお願いしたらご好意で同じものを作ってもらえたのです𓅼𓅼𓅼 色味もめちゃくちゃタイプで、もっふもふで可愛いの⍤⃝⍤⃝ ぴーーーんってとんがっててね、可愛いすぎるよね??泣 . そしてこのずきんでいちくんとコラボ予定なの。2人並んだら可愛いさ爆発間違いなし☝︎ 乞うご期待✌︎♩ . . @niena.nd さま。 可愛い可愛いずきんありがとうございました♡ . . . アメリカンドッグ好きなんだけど、うちはケチャップマスタードかけない派🙋‍♀️。 #みんなはどっち派 ?←急

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Dan shares her universe in an Insta feed full of sweetness. She's already worked with many child brands !

#6 Alina Yakupova / @alina_yakupova_official - Russia🇷🇺- 42,9K followers

Alina is 6 years old and is already working with large brands and magazines ! According to her community, she's the most beautiful girl on earth !  

#7 Lauren Lunde /  @laurenhannalunde - South Korea🇰🇷- 79,4K followers

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Laurent is a half-Korean, half-Canadien 11-year-old...model.

#8 Anna Pavaga / @annapavaga - Russia 🇷🇺- 527K followers

Anna works with many brands, but she's also an expert in classical dance, and her dream is to become a professional dancer !

#9 Colin and Kameron/ @colinandkameronscott - United States🇺🇸- 2,6K

Colin and Kameron are two twins working for a small model agency in California called Bensimon Model.

#10 Millie-Belle / @milliebelledimamond - Australia 🇦🇺- 798K followers

Millie Belle is living a celebrity life and she's still so young .... On Instagram, she shares her shiny reality.

#11 Alejandro / @alejandro_llv - Spain🇪🇸- 63,3K followers

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Handsome boy 😍 @eye_spice

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Alexandro is a 4-year-old boy with diverse latino background.

#12 Anastasiya / @knyazeva_anastasiya_official - Russia🇷🇺- 1,4M followers

With more than 1M followers, Anastasiya is one of the most famous child model out there. As you can guess, she's from Russia !

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